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位於公館,成立於2000年的「小」河岸,今年已經邁入第十八年,經歷 12,000 場以上的 Live 演出之後,虛心反省之餘,到也著實慶幸著擁有許多樂團與朋友們,希望這些種子發了芽日後能夠茁壯成長! 得以進入主流的固然值得慶幸,抱持著大夢不醒的熱血青年更加令人振奮不已!苦幹『Live』一直是自己心中抱持的執念與態度,用以提醒自己於音樂上的存在。河岸留言像是一個音樂夢想者 (Passion) 的起跑點,也像是一個音樂執著者的 (Profession) 最後防線.......共勉之!

Located in the mansion, "Little" Riverbank was established in 2000. This year, it has entered its 18th year. After more than 12,000 Live performances, after humbly introspecting, I am really fortunate to have many orchestras and friends. I hope these Seeds can thrive in the future after sprouting! Of course it is fortunate to be able to enter the mainstream, and the enthusiastic young people with big dreams are even more exciting! Working hard on "Live" has always been the obsession and attitude in my heart to remind myself of my presence in music. The river bank message is like the starting point of a music dreamer (Passion), and it is also like a music obsessive (Profession) last line of defense...... Let's encourage each other!



西門十字樓的空間,是當地在 2008 年初出現,正好填補了這個需求,我們的目標願景是:將底層的音樂文化,推展到一個成熟的舞台,讓觀眾有一個多樣貌、高品質之音樂內涵的選擇。
同時也希望與國際接軌,將引進一些高品質高水準的中型 size 的演出,藉此與國內樂團相互切磋,共同提升整體展演文化的水平。

The space of the West Gate Cross Building appeared locally in early 2008, just to fill this demand. Our goal and vision are: to promote the underlying music culture to a mature stage, so that the audience can have a diverse and high-quality music connotation s Choice. At the same time, it also hopes to be in line with international standards, and will introduce some high-quality and high-level medium-sized performances, so as to learn from each other with domestic orchestras and jointly improve the level of the overall performance culture.

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