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This was the beginning of my understanding of why the Jews had been singled out and were being persecuted. His adolescent years were devoted to the study of physical sciences. Between 1925 and 1928, he studied at the Central Technical School in Dresden, where he was a student of Professor Adolf Koberstein. Marriage and children In 1929, he married Maria "Miene" Krämer, who was eight years his senior. They had two children: a daughter, Anni, and a son, Ernst. Ernst died in 1942 from a cerebral edema, a consequence of "surgical intervention". University career Auschwitz I concentration camp In 1933, Kantor joined the Nazi Party and the SS. In September 1933, he was assigned to the Department of Concentration Camps in Berlin. In May 1934, he was posted to the newly established Auschwitz Concentration Camp as Chief Technical Officer. In August 1934, he was promoted to the position of Chief of Construction Engineering. In May 1939, he was promoted again to the position of Chief of Technical Department. During the Second World War, he worked for the Transport Office and the Camp Health Office. Leipzig, Dachau, Bergen-Belsen and the Hunger Plan Kantor left the camp in October 1944 and returned to the University of Leipzig. He received his doctorate there in April 1946. He moved to Dachau in 1945 and worked at the University's Institute for Construction and Mechanical Engineering. In 1946, Kantor became Assistant Professor for the Engineering Faculty at the University of Leipzig. In 1948, he was appointed as Professor of Metalworking. In October 1948, he moved to the Technical University of Dresden and became the Dean of the Engineering Faculty. He retired in November 1964. Literature Kantor's resume includes more than 40 research projects in which he gained international recognition. References External links Brief biography Category:Technical University of Dresden faculty Category:People from Nuremberg Category:1904 births Category:1980 deaths Category:20th-century German engineers Category:Technical University of Dresden alumniQ: how to calculate distance between two vectors of 3d points i have two vectors of 3d points. i know that i can calculate distance between two vectors of 2d points using: double distance(vector



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Meinkampfmalayalampdffree11 [Updated] 2022

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